Why Schools May Kill Creativity?

When Gillian Lynne was in school her teachers tagged her as a child suffering with learning disorder.
Her mother took her to a doctor to figure out what was the problem. The doctor made an amusing diagnosis.
“Mrs. Lynne, your daughter is not sick. She is just different than normal kids. Do a favor on her and take her to a dance school.”

Her mother didn’t know what to do, so she took her to the dance school. And rest is just history. Gillian Lynne became a Phantom of the Opera and proved that school kills creativity.
Lynne was not an ordinary child. Her musical sense was far better than everyone else of her age. She was adored by millions of fans and eventually became a millionaire.

If her mother took her to a different doctor, she would have been on a medication and only GOD knows how things would have turn out in the end.

The above example has something to do with a child’s education. Right from the start, the kid was put into an environment where she applied her specific skill set and played some stokes with her passion. After a few decades later, the kid became a legend.

Where it all began…

When Ken Robinson stepped up on the stage to deliver a speech, who knew that the TED talk would attract 8 million views. The TED talk, titled, ‘Why Schools Kill Creativity?’ in which Robinson shared the story of Gillian Lynne for the first time.

In his TED talk, Robinson, shared his side of the story.
If you look at the public education system which is implemented out there. It is like a manufacturing process. Where kids are grouped by age, they are bound to produce a certain type of output. Everything is standardized from class work to the exams. According to Robinson, this is not the right way to judge an individual.
In an interview for a magazine, Robinson said that the methods in schools are killing the creativity of the children. The teaching methods in standard schools do not stimulate creativity and innovation. In fact, they limit the ability to think out of the box.

What schools does to a kid?

In a rotten environment, the kids are taught to compete on limited skills and most of the school kids are bullied on the school. If the kids, try something new even in their drawing class they are forced to stop trying something new and stick with the instructions given by the teacher.

Creativity is not something which comes out of pressure and following a certain pattern to do things. In school, kids are trained to think with a certain pattern and don’t break the flow of things.
Education is not just about storing facts in our minds and getting tested for it. Education is about asking the right questions and wait for nature to answer us.

In the scrap of meaningless papers, report cards, and lunchtime we have lost track of creativity and innovation. And instead of giving our kids a room to think, we have taught them to think in a specific manner.
Unlike us, our kids are on the path to win a race and worship comparison instead of giving a reward on being different.

What is the solution?

Instead of sending kids to school, homeschooling is a better option. Making kids smart is not something extraordinary, it is science which can be followed by everyone. If you teach kids to focus on solving problems regardless of the method, they will surely find ways to show how genius they can be.