Top 10 Common School Issues in 2018

There are many problems and issues are in schools, here are the most common issues happen in schools. Let’s see, in detail.

Most common issues in schools.

1. Absences from school: The most common issue is to miss the school for any reason, because of this the children’s miss their daily study and homework and due to this they face a loss in the study and they won’t score good marks.

2. Primary Immunodeficiency (PI): the school members and their children’s guardians has a lack of knowledge about Primary Immunodeficiency (PI). They should have the awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) diseases. Due to lack of knowledge parents gets scared when their children’s in school.

The school staff should take a doctor helps to conduct a program about Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) diseases and invite a guardian or parents to that program, which helps them to learn better about diseases.

3. Report a Childs daily status: this is the most common issue happen in school. The staff should be very possessive about the student’s daily report and its staff duties to show the daily report to the Guardian, which helps the guardians to improve their student’s weakness.

4. Misunderstanding about HIV and AIDS: this is also a school issue, this issue happens because of lack of knowledge about HIV and AIDS. People think that living or staying with HIV and AIDS positive person makes you also an HIV and AIDS disease, but this is not true. HIV and AIDS is not a spread living or staying with HIV and AIDS positive person. Organize a program with a doctor about HIV and AIDS.

5. Preventing infection: those children whose having weak Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) system. They get a fast infection when they exposed to a sick person. The parents should take a special care of their children who have weak PI. The staff should take care that the students are clean and neat after using the washroom, coughing or sneezing. If the child is sick it’s better to keep at home.

6. First aid kit facilities or emergency service: the school should have a first aid kit facility on their premises for any emergency of students. If it’s possible then the school should provide the person who is having a good knowledge about first aid or any emergency service.

7. Classroom accommodations: the classroom accommodations should be very good and it should be maintained from time to time. The class should be clean and neat. The class should be big and full of facilities which help students for education. The seating arrangement should be well and it has normal not many seats because many students in one class cannot handle with one teacher and students also can’t focus.

8. Highly qualified teachers: this is also the school issues. The teachers should be well qualified and have the ability to teach the students and understand the students IQ power or the ability of students. If this is happening, then students can learn easily.

9. Technology teaching process: this is also a school issue. The school should provide the latest technology for students to learn and understand easy such as a projector in class, which helps to learn the video lecture and practical work should also there.

10. Manners and discipline: the school staff should not focus only on education but they have to also focus on student or child manners they should have to teach them a special class. In which students or child can learn manners and discipline or daily good habits. This should be must in each and every school.